DSC Newsletter August 2021

A New Club Venue
Yes, the club has moved its meeting place from Littleover to Mickleover. In view of the persistent refusal of the Grange Hall trustees to open during August, several keen members searched out other venues. They were not about to miss four valuable sketching sessions if it could be avoided. They reported back to the committee that they had found the right place – the Mickleover Community Hall. It was agreed that both Life and Portrait sessions should take place there. The report back to the committee was overwhelmingly of the view that we should disengage the club from Grange Hall in favour of this new meeting place.
So what does the new place offer?

There is no kitchen. Biscuits will be provided, but you may want to bring your own drinks.
The Club Website
For some time the committee has been aware that the Club website does not show us in a good light.  The text colours and fonts, for instance, and the galleries, on the whole, have not been updated for years. The whole site has a rather tired feel. It was felt, generally, that we should own a website -many of our members first came across the club through the website – but it should be fresh, regularly updated, and carry the club’s news for all to see. Ruth is looking into the possibility of a new start, with new art work and an up to date appearance. She will need time to do this and we are not expecting instant changes, but we are really hoping for something worth while.
Fees for Portrait and Life sessions
Now that the restrictions which have haunted us for so many months have eased, your committee really hope to see all members return to the fold. We have had a year without a subscription – great -, but we do ask that you understand that a £5 per session charge for members old and new is reasonable. The session fees of other clubs are much more expensive.
One last thing, obviously, we will not be using Grange Hall for our meetings again so I have promised to collect in all keys from those members who were holding them and to return them to Jan, the chairperson of Grange Hall Trustees. If you have such a key, please pass it on to a member of the Club committee as soon as you can. Thank you.
Now let’s all enjoy our sketching once more.
Joseph Read (Chairman)

Published 27th August 2021