DSC Newsletter January 2020

 Friday, 31st Jan. 2020
Chairman’s Annual Report

Chairman’s Remarks for the year 2019
I begin my report by introducing the committee, a group of Club members who willingly assist in the running of the Club. The committee meets every two months, or so, to report on the various functions of the Club. They are hard-working in their various roles and I hope, when we come to item 8 on the agenda, that they will all be re-elected.

Introductions of individual committee members.
Ann Eames, Ron Lightbown, Charlie Chen, Marlene Griffiths, Jack Porteous, Claire Moses, Chris Jones, Ruth Portlock, David Llewellyn.
Sadly, Ian Davidson, who has organized our coach trips for the past few years has decided to resign from the committee. My thanks to him for his wise words during our meetings and for arranging for us to visit many artistic destinations.
Once again we have had a full calendar of Portrait Drawing on Tuesday mornings, organized by Ann Eames, and Life Drawing on Friday mornings and evenings, organized by Ron Lightbown. As usual, these same two committee members worked out the annual calendar of Club events, making sure that Still Life and Portrait sessions are interspersed with the  Friday evening Life sessions. They also provided us with a satisfying selection of demonstrations and workshops by visiting artists and Club volunteers.
Coach excursions organized by Ian Davidson took us to London, Birmingham, Cambridge, and Sheffield. They were enjoyable excursions to places of artistic interest and very easy on the pocket, but, unfortunately, not very well attended. I do not wish to pre-empt the Hon Treasurer’s report, but we cannot afford to continue to operate such outings at a loss.

 The Annual Club Lunch was held, this week, at Mickleover Golf Club. It was a splendid meal and was well served. As a  bonus, we were given a room for our sole use. Everyone agreed that this should be our venue for 2021.

We have had an excellent and varied program all round for which, I am sure, all Club members are grateful. The committee is aware that our website is dated and rather dull. It needs sprucing up! Jack Porteous has suggested a total rewrite of the site and has the situation in hand. We look for great improvements in the near future. In the meantime,  don’t forget that your paintings can be shown in a gallery on the website. You will need to post photographs of your works to Magdalena, the website manager. (Her email address is on the website.) She will provide you with your own gallery.

Jack Porteous, the Club Treasurer, reported that we are in a sound financial position. Even so, there was a fall in the club’s credit balance last year and he is taking steps to prevent any further decrease

What is planned for 2020
The calendar of events from January to June has already been distributed, so I will spare you the extra time it would take to read them here. You should all have a copy.
Of course, the London coach trip will be operating and the committee has highlighted Leicester and Oxford for two other possible excursions
I am sure that all members will wish to thank Lesley Griggs, who is not a committee member, but, most kindly, makes sure that we never go short of biscuits and beverages.
A couple of formal items need to be addressed at this AGM.
Firstly, I remind you that:
 The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU legal framework which came into force on 25 May 2018. Its purpose is to give individuals more control and protection of their personal data. It introduces new regulations for all organizations that process (collect, manage and use) personal data. The Derby Sketching Club processes personal data. New processes have been introduced to ensure that the Club complies with these regulations. These changes are identified in a document that every member has signed and these documents are kept by the Club’s membership officer.

Secondly: The committee is aware that it is five years since the Club rule book was updated. This task is on the agenda for a future meeting and it has been agreed that the following  item should be added.

Derby Sketching Club is dedicated to providing a safe, welcoming environment for our meetings and activities. To this end, we are committed to observing certain protocols. We aim to provide a safe and comfortable environment for our life and portrait models. Particular attention should be given to the room temperature, the cleanliness of props and linens and the safeguarding of privacy. At Grange Hall it should be ensured that the doors remain closed throughout the session and the net curtains are hung over the large window. The electric heaters should be set at a temperature of the model’s choosing. The models must have a dedicated private space in which to change. Our priority is to make the models feel safe and respected. On no account should any personal remarks be made about the models in conversation with other members, or addressed directly to the models. Should this occur a warning will be issued to the member concerned. A second occurrence may result in the withdrawal of Club membership. Equally, sensitivity should be observed regarding topics of conversation that could be considered offensive.
Accidental movements or changes in poses must be accepted without adverse comment.
To avoid disturbance of both models and artists, members should arrive on time. During life sessions latecomers should wait until the pose changes

Only the designated person may approach the model or change the pose.
All members should help with clearing the room at the end of the session.
Do not photograph life models at any time without their permission. For the comfort of models  all mobile phones should be on silent and kept out of sight. Portrait models may be photographed in order to finish a portrait at home, but only with their permission. Photographs of models must never appear on the internet.
During the coffee break the models should be offered refreshment and the opportunity for privacy and a chance to relax. The models should be allowed to leave as soon as the session ends.
All Club members are required to agree to this code of conduct.

Finally, I remind you that for the past few years the Trophy Exhibition has been held at the gallery in the Markeaton Craft Village. Many members consider it to be the best venue we have had. In 2019 we had. 134 entries from 39 artists and it was an excellent show. . Committee members worked very hard to set up the displays. We were fortunate to be able to borrow display boards from Darley Abbey Village Hall and we will be doing the same this year. We received a large number of visitors, who made very favourable comments on the standard of work displayed. The exhibition was opened by the Mayor of Derby. A local artist judged the pictures and chose the Trophy winner. A party was held on the first evening of the exhibition and was a great social success. My thanks go to all those who helped in any way. Please make sure that you support our annual Trophy Exhibition this year.

As always at this time, I know it is early in the year, but it doesn’t hurt to remind members that they should be considering their entries for the Trophy Exhibition in May and the Ticknall Show in August. Every year many Club members show their paintings at Ticknall and it is probably the best salesroom available for local artists. If you want to sell your paintings that’s the place to exhibit, but make sure they are entered into the Trophy Exhibition first.

It only remains for me to wish all Club members a very happy and artistically challenging  2020.  

Published 9th February 2020