DSC Newsletter September 2020

Welcome Back

After a lull of over six months we are, at last, able to start our art sessions once more. Our first meeting was a life session on Friday, September 4th. The new  rules which the committee has been obliged to put in place have already been circulated in Club emails, but are repeated at the end of this newsletter as a reminder. Unfortunately, as attendances must be limited, the charge per session has been raised to £5. This is still a bargain when compared with other places which offer live models. However, the cost may be reduced in time, taking the Club’s financial position into consideration. The rules are really common sense in the present circumstances and are there to guide us. Please be prepared to take them on in a cheerful manner. 
 The necessary arrangements for reopening the Club’s meetings were put in place at a recent committee meeting, but it was Ron Lightbown’s enthusiasm which fired us all. Within a short time he had produced a calendar of models for September and organised the first rota of members who should attend the meetings. Well done, Ron and many thanks.
Ron is organising rotas  for attending Tuesday portrait sessions (which have a limit of twenty  members) and Friday  life sessions, both morning and evening (limited to 15 Club members). If you wish to attend one of these meetings please let Ron Know so that a rota can be organised. His home number is 01332 792697 and his email address is ronlightbown2017@gmail.com
The Portrait Group

For as long as most of us can remember, Ann Eames has organised the Tuesday portrait group – securing models and generally overseeing its smooth running.  Now, after a long series of health problems, she is hoping to pass on the reins to other people. She would really like to spend Tuesday mornings drawing peacefully. Colin Scrase has kindly agreed to undertake the task of finding  portrait models – a major weight off her shoulders, and I am sure that other Club members will gladly help to keep the portrait sessions running. Ann has done a fine job over many years. She remains a committee member offering a wealth of knowledge on Club matters and an insight into the local art scene. Thank you, Ann.  Enjoy some tranquillity.

Financial Matters             
Six months ago, David Llewellyn kindly volunteered to become the Club’s Treasurer. He was officially elected into the role by the committee. Since then, both he and the chairman have been attempting to get the bank to accept him as our  treasurer. We have written to the bank, had endless telephone conversations with them  and have had several personal interviews with the bank’s representatives, All seemed to be of no avail. The cheque books which we asked to be sent to our own addresses were actually posted to the late treasurer’s address from where they were immediately returned to the bank. From our point of view they were lost in the post. Finally, only a week or so ago, we did get a cheque book and we were able to repay Club members the money which they had laid out for the cancelled Leicester trip. Thank you, everyone, for your patience with regard to that awful wait for your money.
We received a letter on August 20th to say that David has been accepted by the bank as our Hon. Treasurer. Hurrah! At last! However, the Club has two accounts, one for general running of the Club, the other for the Club website. Barclays, in their twisted thinking have only settled David as  in control of the general account, Our late treasurer, Jack Porteous, is still in charge of the Web account. David is now concentrating on becoming the treasurer of the whole of Club funds. Thank goodness he is a patient man.
At least, now he can begin to organise our accounts in his own way.
What have you done during the furlough?

Well, we have had six months, perhaps to fulfil our dreams of producing that masterpiece. However,  for many of us  with no personal studio to use, the kitchen table, or an easel in the conservatory has been the order of the day. Getting out the paints in these circumstances can be a chore and is easily overlooked. This is, of course, not the same for everyone. Peter Valentine, for instance, has produced over forty large oil paintings and thirty-plus watercolours. Viv Lucas produced 24 paintings, She generously put them on display in her  summer house and invited visitors to place their bids in a container. The highest bidders would later return and pick up their paintings. It was slow process as only one or two could view at a time. However, she raised £600 and was able to make a large donation to charity.
Many other Club members must have produced lots of art work during the furlough. No doubt we will hear about then during the next few weeks.
Rules For Using Grange Hall

The Trustees of the hall have insist that we follow a certain procedure. Please keep these rules in mind:
Please arrive punctually and use the REAR door.
Wash or sanitise your hands on arrival.
Bring a face mask – you may not have to wear it.
Bring refreshment – the kitchens are out of use.
Sanitise all equipment used – wipes available.
Be aware of social distancing.
EXIT through the front door.
Use only the toilets adjacent to the hall.
Take all rubbish home – including the bin bag.
Please be thoughtful about clearing up after the  art sessions, we have already had complaints from the trustees of the hall.
Again, welcome back - to some kind of abnormal normality
Joseph Read (Chairman)  

Published 8th September 2020