Evening Gallery EventĀ 

MAY 10th 2018 FROM 5 - 8pm

David Llewellyn, who has arranged drawing sessions at Derby Museum on the first Wednesday of each month from 10-12 Noon, has passed on the following invitation:  

Club members are invited to a Late Gallery Event on May 10th from 5 - 8 pm. It will be an informal celebratory event to share recent progress in the gallery. 

"Here is a brief World Cultures project update and a lovely invitation.

The project has reached its first birthday and together we’ve delivered 122 facilitated sessions with 1,908 objects, working with 3,576 interested and interesting people in the project lab and on the streets of Derby.

The gallery is built on a foundation of shared experiences that were offered in the first few months, these shared values, emotions and actions have powered the project lab and shaped and informed the way the collection is being displayed. The objects that have been released from store are utterly compelling and we hope that by working closely with such a diverse range of people the stories that are surfacing will enable us to better share and understand this collection.   A sequence of #objectwalks have offered us a wonderful nuanced understanding of the way people connect with museum objects and several families have welcomed us into their homes for object photo shoots.  The open conservation sessions were featured on local radio and television and with careful attention 650 objects have been cleaned and conserved by a team of dedicated coproduction volunteers and visitors. A further 45 objects have received intensive conservation and repair by talented conservation students at Lincoln University.
The project lab moved through seven thematic iterations and hosted seven sharing days to develop and test the ideas and prototypes that have emerged from many activities and conversations. The generous and insightful content shared by visitors will shape and inform the activity programme and the interpretive approach for year two.

The project won an East Midlands Heritage award and this month is featured in the Museums Journal with the cover offered to our emerging gallery. All credit to the fabulous coproduction volunteers and the energy and effort they’ve offered to the exhibition, making it an extraordinary coproduced project to be part of.

We still have a mountain of work to achieve and soon will turn our thoughts to the excellent research that is being carried out, exploring how to layer the interpretation, along with the beautiful photographs that have been taken.
On May 10th we’re opening the emerging gallery from 5 until 8pm to informally celebrate what has been achieved so far. Please join us and spread the word far and wide, our aim is to fill the gallery with as many people, conversations and ideas as possible before moving on to phase two of the project.

On the 10th the gallery will still be work in progress with the structure and most of the objects in place. But don’t expect labels, in true coproduction style we’ll be working on these collaboratively in June onwards. 

Thank you again to those of you who have supported the project this far, for all of the painting, building, researching, photographing, blogging, tweeting, sharing, drawing, installing, cleaning, conserving, attaching, sanding, recording, tweeting, laughter, energy and time you’re offered. You really have made this a special project to be involved in, within and outside of the museum walls.

All the very best and we look forward to seeing you on the 10th if not before,

(Look out for a ‘proper’ invitation, bring your mates and feel free to chip in on twitter @dmworldculture). "

Andrea, Rachel, Jane and Rick 

Published 24th April 2019