DSC Newsletter October 2019

Heating in Grange Hall
The heating in Grange Hall has always been troublesome. For years the radiators were electric. Unfortunately, they were noisy and unpredictable. Complaints from the committee which runs the hall eventually resulted in action by the City Council Works department and the present system of hot water radiators was installed. Recently, heating has been unavailable for morning Club meetings and our Life models have bravely put up with the small electric fan heaters which we own. Complaints were made to the Grange Hall committee and they, apparently, did “everything humanly possible” to get the Works Department to repair the problem, At last the repairs have been done and we can only hope that the radiators will now give us warmth throughout the winter months.

A Fine Demonstration
Sandra Orme gave an excellent demonstration of pastel techniques on the evening of Friday, September 20th. She began by passing round a piece of the special pastel paper which she was about to use. It was called Clairefontaine Pastelmat card. It was her paper of choice because it has a tooth which firmly holds the powdery medium, allowing her to use several layers. She was completely in favour of her Unison pastels, although some other brands were mentioned. The picture which she had decided to use for her demonstration was on her i-Pad, which was attached to her easel.
Her first move was a surprise. Gripping a white, then a light blue pastel, she roughly scribbled in a cloudy background. We thought the demonstration would be over in no time at all. However, the colours were rubbed with her fingers into shadowy shapes and she began to develop a sky with huge cumulus clouds. During the course of  the evening she used over thirty different tones and shades, including deep purple and green. Her blue sky faded gradually to the horizon while the clouds became filmy at the edges and shaded beneath. Pure white was held back until the last moment, when she subtly brought the clouds’ intricate folds into view Finally a low, dark hillside was sketched along the base of her paper. She made it clear that the picture could not be finished in the time available, but most of us would have been well satisfied to have created such a fine portrayal of a summer sky with sunlit clouds.

John Blundell
Those Club members who remember John’s exciting demonstration of a rough sea breaking over rocks, will be disappointed to learn that his forthcoming demonstration has been put on hold. John was an active Club committee member when he lived in Derby, but he moved to Lincolnshire to be nearer to his family. His cancellation is due to ongoing treatment for a cancerous problem. We were looking forward to seeing him again, as well as anticipating his sea painting techniques. We wish him well.,
Club Coach Outingss
Committee member, Ian Davidson has organised three trips this year, London, Cambridge and Birmingham. These coach outings are really good value and it is always fun to be with fellow Club members. The trips are arranged to visit places of artistic interest so they are particularly apt for DSC members. However, Ian has pointed out that there are spare seats on the coaches which means that they do not fully cover their cost. He would really like to see all seats occupied on future trips and asks Club members to make an early reservation of the dates of excursions in their diaries.
An Exhibition in Duffield

As part of the recent Duffield Art Trail, eight Club members exhibited their canvasses in Ecclesbourne School. The event was not well advertised and, it seems, visitors were few and sales at rock bottom. On the bright side, Derby Sketching Club was well advertised in the exhibition Hall. Maybe a few of the visitors will join the Club as a result.

The premises on the corner of Osnabruck Square where the Laura Ashley shop used to be, has changed hands and is now called Art Core. The new owners intend to present art related classes which may be of interest to some members. There are some advertising leaflets in the Grange Hall kitchen. Art Core also has a gallery for hire which groups may wish to use for exhibiting their art works.

A Friday Night of Variety  
Do remember that next Friday evening, October 4th, will be a Still Life evening and members are also invited to bring along their on-going, or finished works for display. To complete the evening, refreshments will be available.
The Full Moon is Rising
Derby Cathedral is always worth a visit with its unusual interior architecture, splendid iron railings and interesting memorials, but now the nave is filled with a huge installation. It is a floating three dimensional portrait of the moon. It is possible to walk around and under the huge ball, viewing the craters, even on the side of the moon which we never see in real life. After dark it is particularly enjoyable, but a day time visit is also worthwhile. The installation ends on Sunday, October 6th

Joseph Read,

Published 3rd October 2019