Trophy Exhibition 2018

After a slow start on the Friday, visitors came to our exhibition in droves. At times it was impossible to pass between the display boards due to the crush of interested viewers. It was good to see so many Club members, and past members, some with their families or friends in the gallery. Margaret Allton, Margaret Rose, Mary Smith and June Asprey , all past members, were full of praise for the overall quality of the works on show. We were especially pleased to greet Connie Rawson, who, at over ninety years of age has certainly made good use of her Honorary Life Time Club membership.
While Club members were bringing in their pictures, the display boards were being erected. It was essential to hang the exhibition before 1p.m when the adjudicator, David Walton, began his thorough assessments. His choices were as follows:
Trophy winner: Lesley Griggs
Highly Commended: Johnny Bermudez, Tony Deeming, Lynn Hollingsworth, Julie Marshall, Peter Valentine, Kevin Willets

Trophy Exhibition 2017

With this year’s successful and enjoyable exhibition still in mind, the Committee has booked the same venue for the May Bank Holiday, 2018. Many Club members gave a great deal of their time to supervising the exhibition, a core of members being in the hall virtually full time. It is a pleasure to thank them on behalf of all Club members. This year we had 110 hung paintings, over 40 pictures in the browsers and a large number of high quality greetings cards on sale. Several visitors mentioned that there was an overall high standard of work on show. Congratulations to all exhibitors. Our adjudicator this year was Rachael Pinks, a well known local artist.
Trophy Winner : Elizabeth Harris with a pastel painting “Riven Oak”
Highly Commended: Elaine Bainbridge: “Just the Path Through the Woods”, Ruth Portlock: “Three Pike”, Julie Maxwell: “Rupert With One Arm”, Joseph Read:“Curiouser and Curiouser”, Peter Valentine: ”Claire”, Peter Valentine: “Ariadne”



Trophy Exhibition 2016

On Friday afternoon the Exhibition was declared open by the Mayor of Derby, Linda Winters. Chairman Joe Read introduced the mayor and after a tour of the exhibition Linda presented the Trophy and Certificates. Some 90 works competed for the Trophy, presented at their best in these superb surroundings, with the judging carried out by well-known artist Rosemary Mills. Rosemary chose two joint winners.
Trophy winner : Roger Bliss and Peter Valentine.
Highly Recommended artists, Jane Smith, Julie Marshall, Magdalena Aron and Leslie Griggs.




Trophy Exhibition 2015

Trophy Winner - Johny Bermudez for his portrait of John.



Trophy Exhibition 2014

Trophy winner: Lesley Griggs 




Published 2nd June 2019