Arati Mishra

Born in Orissa, India, Arati has been interested in drawing from childhood. Sitting in the classroom she would sketch her classmates and teachers using pencil and chalk, the only available materials. She was a good pupil and thus found herself, in accordance with her father’s wishes, at medical school. However, while at medical college, Arati got together some coloured pencils, pens and remembered colouring in her anatomy drawings, gaining appreciation from fellow students and lecturers.

After graduating she married a fellow doctor, took up a career in medicine and came to the UK in 1969 with her family. While living in Norwich, Arati’s interest in art was rekindled by a serial of television programmes and she took up watercolours and oils. She came to Derby in 1977 to work as a psychiatrist, eventually joining the local art classes at the adult education centre.

Retirement has allowed her to take her hobby more seriously, joining art groups and taking part in several exhibitions, Arati’s favourite media are watercolours and pastels and she enjoys painting landscapes and portraits. Her Indian background may be one reason for her love of vibrant colours, but she also acknowledges a great debt to local professional artists and teachers.

Arati has been a member of Derby Sketching Club since the 1980s.



Published 12th April 2019