Tony Deeming

“I had to choose between fine art and science for a career. Having gained a place in chemistry at Leeds University, I was interviewed by the Head of the Fine Arts Department, who in 1962 was Quentin Bell, Son of Vanessa Bell and nephew of Virginia Wolf. The outcome was that I continued in chemistry, become a Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at UCL, and published over 250 scientific papers.

However, throughout my career, I set aside one day a week for art. Early retirement in 2003 and a move to Ashbourne allowed me to focus almost exclusively on art and over the last few years, I have won the Ken Howard Award, the Derbyshire County Council Open Watercolor Medal and Prize in 2007, 2010 and 2011 and the Derby Sketching Club Trophy. These awards were for watercolour painting for which I believe I have developed an original approach.

I am interested in the ordinary. We learn more of the world by looking and not fantasising, (remember I was a research scientist). I produce over 800 drawings and paintings a year. I am not particularly concerned about the subject matter and have no message other than that inherent within the work. “


Published 2nd June 2019