Sketching Opportunities 2018

A regular monthly session has been agreed with Derby Museum to attend the World Cultures Gallery on the first Wednesday of each month 10.00am - 12.00pm commencing on the first Wednesday of March i.e 7th March. The facility will be free of charge


         These sessions should help raise the profile of the gallery as a source of creative inspiration and reinforce the DSC as an established, talented group of artists
        We will be able to choose still life collections together, supported by interpretive information. which may assist us in our artistic interpretations.
        It will be marketed as Mindful Drawing Moments with a focus on 'taking notice' of the objects’ forms, textures, patterns and colours.
        Possible outcomes may include opportunities to write blogs, film of us drawing & the use of our sketches in gallery guide, etc.


David Llewellyn (on behalf of Derby Sketching Club)

Last updated: Friday 16th March 2018